Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life Happens.....Does Your Employer Know This?

Today I had to come into work about 30 minutes late.  I had someone coming over to the house quickly.  The meeting wasn't going to take a long time, but it was going to be past my normal 7:45-8 am arrival.  I'm so thankful I work for a company that understands those things pop up.  I'm so happy that I work with colleagues who understand that Life Happens.

A lot of topics involved in career choices point back to this theme.  Many employees are in far less accommodating circumstances.  Frequently during the recruiting process my team hears similar stories to mine that generate a far more adverse, Stop the Presses!, reaction.  Who wants to work for a company that doesn't understand you have more titles than the one they put on your business card (i.e. father/mother, son/daughter, husband/wife, etc.)? 

When the economy started to slump in 2008 an article by Inc.com, Economy Hurting Employee Morale, indicated that only 29% of the people surveyed said their employers offered flexible scheduling options and transportation subsidies to overcome the economic downturn.  Fast forward four years and the value people place on work/life balance hasn't changed.

Some managers secretly loathe an employee's need to leave early for a doctor's appointment or come in late because of bad weather.  Some companies frown upon an employee who chooses to watch a child's Little League game instead of attending a networking function.  Many teams are built around a "come in early and stay late" attitude with any deviation garnering evil stares and backstabbing.

Want to know the #1 reason why people change jobs?  Its because their needs aren't being met.  Want to know the deciding factor besides money that makes a person join one company over another?  Its a flexible work environment. 

Job seekers will take $5k less in salary to join a new company with flex scheduling.  They will make a lateral move if it means more freedom to care for an aging parent.  Employees are more loyal if companies gladly help with solutions for a pop up doctor's appointment, sick child or lengthy commute.  Life Happens! Enjoy it and work for a company that understands this.

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