Monday, January 9, 2012

Clean Out The Clutter

Each Sunday the career page of The Des Moines Register features an article from Careerbuilder on various job related topics.  I found yesterday's article particularly relevant since two weeks ago my boss told me my office smelled funny. 

No, the CB article wasn't a 'How To' on fumigating an office.  It was about office hoarding. The smelly comment started to give me a complex about my own hoarding.  Am I a hoarder?  I hate paper and love to recycle. How could this be?  I have a few stacks of loose papers on my desk consistently. Is that considered hoarding? 

Listen, I work with varying degrees of hoarders.  I'm convinced we built our new office building four years ago so my bosses would have enough basement space for their 1995-present files.  Another partner insists on having each stack of paper on his desk be perfectly straight before the end of every day.  In another office I can't tell the difference between my coworker's file, trash and recycling stacks. 

So last week I set out to investigate my own hoarding.  It was the first week of the New Year.  Time for resolutions and cleaning out the junk.  It was a perfect time for cleaning out my hoarding. 

*Nothing ridiculous on top of the desk.  Check.
*Refill the tape dispenser and throw away the phone manual.  Check.
*Dust the book shelf and get rid of some old periodicals................

OLD PERIODICALS!  I've been in recruiting for six years.  How can magazines in my office already be turning yellow?  So I dug down to the bottom of the bookshelf, an area I have zero use for during my day, to find that there are Insurance Journal Marketplace and Rough Notes editions from over ten years back.  There are two managed care books on the shelf from 1998; I'm sure they are still relevant since nothing in life & health insurance has changed in a decade!

According to Careerbuilder 6% of people hold on to paperwork over ten years old.  And aptly omitted from the article is that such a hoard of paperwork can apparently cause the fragrance of office space to change.  So, after my own hoarding mission and a coincidental newspaper article, I'm resolved to do two things.  First, buy a Glade Plug-In for my office.  Second, make sure I keep a limited amount of clutter in 2012.  Third, sign my bosses up for the next episode of A&E's Hoarders.

Have a great week and happy cleaning!

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